Saturday, January 16, 2010

My cardmaking challenge for 2010

to make and send 52 cards (1 a week).

I struggled with this one! I wanted to make it bigger, grander, more challenging! I wanted to make it 365 cards (1 a day), all different, and blogging each one. If I was a real supercraft woman, I would be able to do that, right?

But reality check here... we are half way through January and how many have I sent? 2. How many have I blogged? none. How many have I even photographed? 1. LOL.

So I have settled on a much more realistic goal, starting now... no I have "blown it" for the year because I didn't do it perfectly from January 1.

I am going to post them here to keep me accountable, and I am going to actually send my cards out into the world to do what they are supposed to do... to give pleasure to the receiver.

I can see this is going to be an interesting challenge that is going to overlap into other areas of my life... first off I am going to have to tidy my writing desk so I can find my postage stamps!

If you stumble upon this blog, think about joining me in this challenge. I would love your feedback and tips! What are your craft goals for 2010?

The card above is a complete "case" of a Hero Arts design made for my dear friend Rose's birthday. She loves hearts and the colour blue! Its the one card I have photographed so far this year! (sorry its not a good photo either)

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Shirley said...

Now that I'm almost half way through the OWOH tour I realized that I really need to start being more creative! I used to make cards for relatives but have gotten lazy and stopped doing it. The tour has inspired me to at least make my mother's birthday and Mother's Day cards this year. Two cards are better than none, aren't they? LOL