Monday, January 25, 2010

One World One Heart 2010

Hooray, its 25th January in New Zealand already, so its time to ride the magic carpet! I know I will be visiting many enchanting sites all around the world through the power of the internet and creative generosity.

Welcome to my infant blog: still evolving, but I hope to have a tripod this week, and seriously improve my photos. Please bear with me....

January is a time when I update my jewelry to match my summer wardrobe, so although my first love is papercraft (and thats what you will find mostly on my blog), I also love beading. For this year's giveaway I have a multistrand bracelet in reds and gold, with a little heart dangle.

To enter, please comment on this post and link to your blog by 15 February (you must have an active blog to enter). I will use to select a winner that night. Send me your address and the bracelet will be on its way to you. Its as simple as that!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Week One: Welcome

This card is for Anita who I bumped into in the supermarket yesterday. A nice suprise... they are back in Auckland to live after at least 6 years overseas. They move into their new house in about a week, and will be just 5 minutes walk away! So a welcome card is definitely in order.

I made the simple little house element back in October when I was visiting my brother down country with only a few craft supplies. I needed to make a card for my cousin who had just moved house, and I liked this combo so much that I made an extra. Sorry about my photo quality: next part of my grand plan is to buy a tripod. See, I told you this was going to overlap with other areas of my life.

A little sentiment and ribbon and its done! No postage stamps needed on this one as I will hand deliver, but I have found some more in my planner.

This week I also posted 2 birthday cards; one to a friend and one to my aunt: and a get-well card. I am keeping a record of what I send in a little excel spreadsheet.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mission complete!

This looks so much better! and I found $31.50 worth of stamps! I may even find some more when I declutter my craft area... but that will be another mission. I have a gorgeous gardenia from my garden on my desk to complete the makeover.
Now I am off to the Post Office to mail the bag to Anne-Maree and then to exchange the pants.

First declutter challenge

As part of my card making and sending challenge for 2010 I need to be able to find a postage stamp when I need it. Obvious isn't it? but sometimes (okay, often) the reason I don't get a card posted on time or at all is because I can't find a stamp. I have them, I just can't find them when I need them. Why? well as you can see above, my writing desk is a mess. So one of my tasks today is to sort out this mess. I might even get round to returning the pants that are the wrong size, and post the bag to my friend Anne-Maree instead of having them clutter up the place. I'll let you know how I get on. I wonder how many dollars worth of new postage stamps I find.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

My cardmaking challenge for 2010

to make and send 52 cards (1 a week).

I struggled with this one! I wanted to make it bigger, grander, more challenging! I wanted to make it 365 cards (1 a day), all different, and blogging each one. If I was a real supercraft woman, I would be able to do that, right?

But reality check here... we are half way through January and how many have I sent? 2. How many have I blogged? none. How many have I even photographed? 1. LOL.

So I have settled on a much more realistic goal, starting now... no I have "blown it" for the year because I didn't do it perfectly from January 1.

I am going to post them here to keep me accountable, and I am going to actually send my cards out into the world to do what they are supposed to do... to give pleasure to the receiver.

I can see this is going to be an interesting challenge that is going to overlap into other areas of my life... first off I am going to have to tidy my writing desk so I can find my postage stamps!

If you stumble upon this blog, think about joining me in this challenge. I would love your feedback and tips! What are your craft goals for 2010?

The card above is a complete "case" of a Hero Arts design made for my dear friend Rose's birthday. She loves hearts and the colour blue! Its the one card I have photographed so far this year! (sorry its not a good photo either)

Friday, January 15, 2010

One World, One Heart 2010

A Brand New World is waiting for you! This a fantastic web event starting 25 January. Its a must-do if you have any interest at all in creativity and the work of hand and heart. You can read all about the concept on the hostess's blog here

Last year I was a participant but I got a bit overwhelmed with the outpouring of creativity and generousity.

This time I am setting myself up for sucess and a stress-free carpet ride by finishing my giveaway first. Its done! Unbelievable... ahead of the deadline! Check back on the official start date for all the details.