Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Preparing for World Cardmaking Day

I started tidying up my craft room/studio last night. This is part of my preparations for World Cardmaking Day. If I am feeling extremely brave I might even take a photo of the before... because at the moment it is worse than average. I have boxes pulled out of the cupboards. And I do have a lot of STUFF after years of crafting and 5 years managing a scrapbook shop! It can be scarey, but I am not going to be intimidated! I am going to do a little each day... and I have 18 days to go!
Maybe I need a countdown gadget?? But I digress...For those of you who make it to my place on 3 October I will be delighted if you can check out my growing box of "stuff to be donated." Anything that is leftover is going to be donated to a worthy cause. I am talking about stickers and papers mainly, but there will be some stamps and pads too.
Any suggestions for the "worthy cause"?

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nickienz said...

Hello again,
I love the idea of cardmaking all day. I would love to come on the 3rd, and I will have some goodies to donate too. I'll attempt to bake something to share. Will Karen O be coming too?
Thanks from Nickie