Sunday, November 23, 2008

Scrap Challenge

One of my favourite sites for stamping inspiration is the Hero Arts Blog. This week Sally Traidman has been using up her pre-stamped images and scraps to make quick cards.

I too have a box of scraps of pre-stamped images, some of them already coloured and embellished. These have accumulated from crafting sessions with friends, my own work and experiments, and the biggie: from samples and classes I have taught.

Above is photo of some of my stamped images.

So lots of material here... and lets not dwell to closely on the quantity of scraps of papers, card, ribbons and extra embellishments that I have in my stash! Suffice to say that I started cardmaking this weekend with the goal of using up my pre-stamped images. I now have made more than 20 cards and completed a set of cards with compendium that is an overdue birthday present for my friend Sheryl.

I have also made a card scrap sorter prototype to orgaise my littlest scraps of card. I will post a picture shortly.

I am thrilled to have used these treasures and been so productive.I only used stuff I already had... a sure sign I have waaaayyyyy too much!

If you wish, why not take the challenge to use things you aready have in your stash to make a card or two. I would love to see what you come up with! And why not go a step further... pop one of your new cards in the post to someone ....just because. It will make their day.

I'll post some photos of the completed cards when I work out how to put more than one photo in a post. or at least get the format looking ok when I do it!

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