Saturday, February 13, 2010

Catch up time today!

Wow, doesn't real life get in the way of our virtual blogging life sometimes?

Despite my best intentions I am two weeks absent from this blog: My dad has had a small stroke, right at the time that all my siblings and their children were due in town. So we have had hospital visits, trips to the airport, family meetings, family dinners (21 to the table) all on top of return to school and work for me and my children.

Be patient, I am going to jump in where I am ( thanks FlyLady) and be back posting this afternoon.

In the meantime here is a card I made some time ago: I was really pleased with the happy colour combination!


Linda said...

Cute card! I like the color combo too.

Hope your dad is doing well, my mom just suffered a couple strokes too.

Take care,


Debra said...

Hope all is getting better for you and yours. I was so happy to learn I had won your wonderful giveaway! Thank You so much, I cn hardly wait!!!